Ponds & Wetlands

Building, Restoring and Protecting Your Valuable Pond, Pool, River and Wetlands

Keeping your ponds, lakes, rivers and marine bodies clean, functional and safe is important for your home or business. Nazzaro Inc. provides a wide variety of wetlands restoration, maintenance, and repair services for homeowners, businesses, and property managers across Connecticut.

Regular pond or wetland maintenance and repairs are essential to address and prevent erosion, property damage, environmental problems, and other risk factors. Often, these are projects best left to excavation professionals.

Nazzaro Inc has worked on a great variety of projects and have the experience needed so you can rest easy knowing your project, home or business is well cared for. Whether it’s building a pond to beautify your property or helping you maintain the one you have, Nazzaro Inc is your partner in getting the job done right from start to finish.

Let us help with project planning, design, attending town meetings, securing required permits, and seeing your project through from execution and completion to help make your vision a reality.

Our Pond & Wetland Restoration Expertise:

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  • Pond Dredging
  • Permit Process
  • In-House Plan Development
  • Wetland Restoration
  • Repairs to Leaking Dams
  • Rivers and Streams

With outstanding customer service and a collaborative team of experts, Nazzaro Inc can be your one-stop pond and wetlands project partner. 

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